100% American Wagyu Beef by Feddersen USA Wagyu

The highest quality Waygu beef you can buy in the USA.

"Wagyu" means Japanese Cow. Unfortunately, The USDA allows producers to label their beef as Wagyu if a full-blood bull is bred with a Holstein, Angus or other breed of cow. No DNA is taken and you are not guaranteed of what type of meat you are actually getting, resulting in a watered-down product.

Feddersen USA Wagyu uses Japanese 100% full blood genetics, is DNA tested and is verified and registered by the American Wagyu Association and the Austrailian Waygu Association. Don't be fooled by brands using half-blood animals. You are guaranteed 100% full-blood Waygu beef with Feddersen USA Wagyu.

Our beef dramatically surpasses any USDA standards and you will not find any other Waygu that comes close to the flavor and consistency of our beef. Don't wait! Order a completely processed wagyu animal today and taste for yourself the Feddersen USA Waygu difference.
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